1:1 support for children 
Based on each child's area of need. May include social skills, independent functioning skills, play skills, cognitive skills or behavioral skills. 
Support for families 
Based on parental and familial needs. May include strategies to interact effectively with your child or enhance skills across all areas of development. 
Parent workshops 
Based on location and need of children and families. May include social skills training, play skill development, or independence skill enhancement.
What we do for children 
  • Provide in-home support for young children with varying abilities.
  • Enhance your child’s development based on individual abilities and familial goals.
  • Develop skills such as social/emotional skills, play skills, cognitive skills, language skills or behavioral skills.
  • Provide support in the home, or in the community, that encourages acquisition and generalization of skills.
  • Our support is meant to serve in addition to any therapies or schooling your child may already receive and should not replace any doctor or therapist recommended services.
 What we do for parents
  • Offer parent workshops focusing on child development.
  • Support and enhance individual child and family goals related to personal and developmental needs.
  • Provide parents with tips, strategies and skills to implement with their child during play and everyday situations to enhance overall development.
  • Encourage and empower parents to feel confident working with their child and ensure consistency and mainstreaming of skills and strategies introduced.

Naomi Nickson M.Ed.

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