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Rotate those TOYS!

Did your children receive new and exciting toys for the holidays? Is your home being taken over by your children's things? Now is the perfect time to strategically rotate those toys. When it comes to play, less is often more in terms of materials. Make sure you demonstrate new ways to use existing toys to encourage creative play. Remember to always keep open-ended toys available (blocks, figurines, dress up clothes) and rotate out/reintroduce more novel toys for ones your child has not been interacting with or has outgrown.

So why rotate them? Well, decreasing the amount of toys your child has access to has proven to do the following:

*Increase time spent using toys

*Increase quality of play

*Enhance creativity

*Decrease distractions

I suggest rotation toys every 2-4 months depending on your child's age and developmental level.

Happy rotating and happy playing!

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