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Home Visits
 1:1 support for children 

Does your child need specialized instruction in everyday scenarios to build on foundational skills?

This support is based on each child's area of need and may include: 
  • Social skills
  • Independent functioning skills
  • Play skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Behavioral skills
  • Transitioning skills 
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Home Visits
Coaching for families 
As a parent, do you find yourself seeking positive parenting solutions and strategies to use at home to make life easier?
This support is based on parental and familial needs and may include:
  • Creating and maintaining structure and routine at home
  • Strategies to interact effectively with your child
  • Strategies to enhance skills across all areas of child development
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Child Development
 Parent Courses 
Do you desire to learn more about child development or raising a child with a delay or disability?
This support is currently based on location and need of children and families and may include:
  • Overview of child development including milestones
  • Social skills training 
  • Play skill development
  • Fostering independent skills in the home
  • Positive parenting solutions
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What we do for children 
  • Provide in-home support for young children with varying abilities.
  • Enhance your child’s development based on individual abilities and familial goals.
  • Develop skills such as social/emotional skills, play skills, cognitive skills, language skills or behavioral skills.
  • Provide support in the home, or in the community, that encourages acquisition and generalization of skills.
  • Ensure streamlined application of strategies and skills being taught in school and therapy.
  • Build foundational skills for successful school-aged learning in any setting.
  • Our support is meant to serve in addition to any therapies or schooling your child may already receive and should not replace any doctor or therapist recommended services.
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 What we do for parents
  • Support and empower parents to feel confident working with their child and ensure consistency and mainstreaming of skills and strategies introduced.
  • Enhance successful in-home learning through arrangement of toys/materials and implementation of routines and effective teaching strategies. 
  • Provide parents with tips, strategies and skills to implement with their child during play and everyday situations to enhance overall development.
  • Offer parent workshops focusing on child development.
  • Encourage positive parenting solutions to challenges being faced.
  • Support and enhance individual child and family goals related to personal and developmental needs.
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