Early Childhood Specialist

Support Services For Children Provide Assistance with Gaining Skills

Do you want to find a reputable Early Childhood Specialist who is empathic, knowledgeable, and compassionate in terms of their practices? That’s exactly what you’ll experience with the staff at Connect. We strive to offer only the best Support Services for Children. This includes 1:1 support, family support that is customized to each unique family, and small group classes. We believe in helping children become well-rounded and as happy and healthy as possible through the skills that we provide for the families and the children themselves. It does not matter what disabilities a child has or their special needs. It’s important to nurture each of their skills and build on them until they have greater coping methods and abilities emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Just a few of the Support Services For Children we have in place include the following:


  • Play skill group development classes

  • Social and emotional skills enrichment

  • Home and community support

  • Independent functioning skills

  • Identification and support of goals


The amount of work you and your child do during the sessions directly impacts the child’s ability to be consistent with their behaviors, functioning, and various cognitive, emotional and physical skills. An Early Childhood Specialist in Orlando FL can give direction and guidance to foster positive lifelong skills and habits.

Naomi Nickson M.Ed.


Tel: 407-902-7814

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