Child Education Needs Specialist

See How a Child Education Needs Specialist Can Benefit Your Child

At Connect, we believe it’s crucial to set each family up with a Child Education Needs Specialist who will be able to connect with them and assist their child with their individual needs. We have a natural approach to how we treat children and their families. The learning techniques and other skills we teach every child are meant to carry through their entire lives. This is why the Child Education Needs Specialist will make an effort to work in a way that builds on the abilities and skills the child already has in place.
There are so many difficulties that children face in childhood, regardless if they are disabled or not. The trials they deal with nearly every day can be frustrating and overwhelming. We can help you arm your child with techniques to “rise above” issues they can’t fix or that won’t affect them, as well as work through solving problems in an age appropriate manner. Children generally enjoy facing up to challenges when they have the confidence of their families and a skillset that will help them remain calm, use reason, and basic social understanding.
With Connect, we’ll support your child and family through the process of gaining such skills for healthy, well-balanced development over the years.



Naomi Nickson M.Ed.

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