Child Development Specialist

An Early Childhood Professional Makes All the Difference for Children

If you are seeking a Child Development Specialist who serves the Orlando FL area, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Connect, we put a priority on assisting families through all of the aspects of their child’s development. We understand how crucial it is to begin to work on various skills with a child as young as possible. This ensures that they grow to become comfortable with social situations and the world around them, regardless of who they are and if the child has a developmental disability or some other issue(s) that impact normal development.
You may not have considered seeking help from an Early Childhood Professional before seeing behavioral or other problems arise with your child. If this is the case, it’s completely understandable. Many families think that getting help from a Child Development Specialist just isn’t necessary as long as they are doing what they’ve read and what their doctors advised for them to do for their children. Regardless of whether you’ve worked with early childhood professionals in the past or not, we’ll walk you through the process and explain as much as is needed to understand how we work, what we look for during sessions, and coming up with a plan of action as a team.
Put your trust in us at Connect and you won’t regret signing up for child development appointments with our staff.

Naomi Nickson M.Ed.

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