We help parents of young children implement critical developmental strategies into their everyday routines so they can create a well-balanced home environment that enhances overall learning. Raising a child with exceptional needs is an empowering, life-changing journey and having the right support can drastically impact a families approach to childhood.

Understanding your child's development is crucial to beginning the process of enhancing their strengths and building on their areas of need. Let us support you in your journey!


Child Development Specialists in the field of early childhood education, we concentrate on the critical connection between the young child and family. Specializing in working with children with varying abilities, we aim to enrich each child’s development while building a connection between the family and any services and supports young children may receive. 


In short, we teach critical skills of development for children with varying abilities through play-based activities while having fun with children and supporting families! 

Located in Orlando, Fl and surrounding areas

> 1:1 support for children


> Coaching for families


> Parent workshops


Our framework at Connect allows for a natural approach to coaching and learning with a focus on individual family, community and educational needs. With the awareness that every family and every child has unique circumstances, dynamics, abilities and priorities we seek to create a team approach to teaching, coaching and supporting each client we encounter. Let us help you connect with your child, implement successful learning and play at home and enrich their development. 

Naomi Nickson M.Ed.


Tel: 407-902-7814

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